About Us

We redefine news by documenting and shaping the digital revolution with a new voice, new formats, and cutting-edge technologies, thereby presenting to a numerous number of dedicated visitors and many social followers from India as well as across the globe.


In this digital age, we strive massively on electronic platforms to carry Assamese culture to new horizons.

  • We resolve a paramount shift in the image makeover of Indian Crowdfunding- a picturesque and culturally rich state of India.
  • Our commitments solely lie in nurturing deep bonds in depths of every Crowdfunding campaigns across the world.
  • Continuous improvement to achieve and offer our viewers the best.


Word from the Editor:–

We have taken a pledge to transform the look and feel of our state in the eyes of every individual of not only India but the world over.

We will leave no stone unturned to make India in whatever ways feasible with our limited resource.