Everyone knows what has been the repercussion of actively taking part in Blue Whale Game Challenge, the suicide game that took many lives across the world. Thanks to the responsible authorities that they could track down the culprit behind this horrible game and put him behind bars for good.

But recently a similar game has surfaced known as MoMo Challenge where players are asked to perform certain tasks such as harming themselves. There have been quite a few speculations about this challenge and people are of different views how this particular game is played. As per reports, the people behind the game contact their victims through online messaging app WhatsApp and ask them whether they are ready to play the game or not.

Until now there have been no confirmed reports of this game entering the state of Assam but today we received inputs that a youth from Guwahati has received cryptic messages from an unknown number claiming to be the person behind the MoMo Challenge. The message was supposedly sent to the receipient at 8:23 PM of 30th August 2018. We tracked down the number and it seems that the number from which the message was sent originated from United States or Canada. The concerned authorities have been informed of this incident and we are yet to receive any updates on the actions initiated by the state authorities.

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