Racism is an issue which has been plaguing the country of India as long as we can remember. Very frequently we come face to face with such issues where a person is humiliated or even thrashed in the name of racism. The country has been openly discussing and holding protests about how we can uproot this virus of racism from our country but it seems that the virus has been very deeply rooted into the society and does not want to be uprooted because of some sick mentality and belief that we have in our so called society.

Questioning this system and the mentalities of some sick people a rapper named Samir Rishu Mihanty AKA Big Deal has released an Anti Racism Rap Anthem titled “Are We Indian”. The song delves deep into the long existing sensitive relationship between the North East and Mainland India. The song articulates both sides of the story and is presented in the form of a conversation that many think but nobody speaks about. It is created with an aim to spark empathy and build unity.

The song has been creating ripples on internet and people are appreciating Big Deal for his efforts to bring forth the problem that we Northeastern face in our day to day life in the form of Racism.

We at Voice Of Greater Assam stand united with the people in this fight against Racism and hope that this virus is completely annihilated from the roots of our country.

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