image credit: Deccan Chronicle

An appalling revelation has come into the picture where in the concerned bodies has overlooked for employment opportunities in the State.

What is even more shocking that with an Assamese Minister in State for Railways, Rajen Gohain, job seekers from Assam and the neighbouring states have been continuously overlooked for outsiders.

As per reports over 90 people not belonging to Assam or any Northeastern states were given job offer letters for 4th Grade such as gardener, cooks, washer men etc have been offered mostly to people from Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha etc.

Since October 26 job appointment seekers from West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and other states have thronged the NF Railway headquarters at Maligaon in large swarms. The headquarters’ parking lot, open areas, verandas are all been occupied by the job seekers waiting for their turn to collect their appointment letters, much to the astonishment of the present employees and locals.

Another significant fact that has come to light is that NF Railway has overlooked the Guwahati High Court’s stay order on offering jobs to fourth grade personnel in the RPF.

The stay order was about a PIL filed by locals who have alleged an anti-Assamese lobby in the Railways. According to the PIL, Assamese people were intentionally denied job opportunities in the state for outsiders.

Probably government should be more concerned and change their attitude towards the locals.

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