On late Thursday night in Hatigaon Guwahati, the boarders of a paying guest raised complained of being sexually harassed by its owner and this resulted in a tense situation.

The incident occurred at YS Paying guest for girls located in Hatigaon’s Namghar path.

As per reports, the objectionable incident came to light after the PG owner known as Jun Bora allegedly made lewd remarks on one of the girls on Thursday night after which she retorted back.

Ashamed by the response, Bora threw an alcohol bottle along with a glass at her. Furthermore, not remaining calm with it he demanded the girls along with the warden of the PG to vacate the rooms on the night itself.

Finding no other choice, the girls informed the Hatigaon police and complained against Bora. They alleged that Bora had been harassing the girls for a long time.

When the police reached the PG the accused locked the gate of the building and did not let anyone in. The police officials finally had to cross the walls of the PG premises and broke the lock along with rescuing the girls.

The police detained Bora and is currently in police custody. It may be stated that Bora has been denying all the accusations.

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