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We know that sex attitudes differ from one culture to another. It is known that, let’s say, Japanese attitude to sex is different from the American one. But what can be said about sex attitude of women and men? We all tend to believe that male and female view on sex differs greatly. The common belief is that men are more sexually active and that for them sex is not necessarily connected with love. Women, on the other hand, are believed to be more monogamous, and that sex requires love for them. Is it so? Was it always like that? If so, how the attitude towards sex has changed? Let’s check it!

Sex & Marriage

So, is there a difference between views on sex and marriage? Previously, men found it okay to have premarital sex, but most of them considered that they should marry a virgin. That’s a little bit unfair and thank God things got better. Now, speaking about how the attitude has changed, nowadays men mainly don’t bother whether their bride is a virgin or not. Moreover, most of them start dating and having sex with the girl they are about to marry.

Speaking about women, some of them simply follow the pattern of the past years in a little bit of a modified way – they won’t sleep with the guy whom they are not considering for the role of their future husband. Others, however, have sex with guys regardless of whether there are bound to be together or not.

Casual Sex

What can be said about casual sex? According to the common belief, men are more into one night stands than women are. Let’s figure out is it true or not. According to the study “Why Humans Have Sex” men indeed are better equipped for the no-strings-attached sex. The reason lies in communication abilities. Men rarely experience problems with telling what they want, while women find it extremely uncomfortable to express what they want, especially when it comes to the bedroom. According to the same study, men are less picky when it comes to prospective sexual partners, while women appear to be quite choosy and discriminative. Moreover, while man’s main reason to have sex with a partner depends on how hot the partner is, the woman’s predominant reason is whether the sexual encounter is going to lead to anything in the future or not. Of course, there are certain exceptions, but the main picture looks exactly like that.

What Science Has To Say?

The debate between sexists and feminists may last forever, and the only way to avoid it is to turn to science. So, what science has to say about the difference between male and female attitude towards sex? Well, all in all, scientists agree on the fact that male sexual drive is stronger and is much more straightforward, while female libido is much harder to pin down. According to the study made by the University of Chicago, women reliance on emotional context is easily explained. While male sexual desires are straightforward, female sexual desires are heavily influenced by social and cultural environments. So, we can conclude that men and women have different attitudes to sex and it is quite natural.

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